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Childhood Memories - Birth Toys

A small group of us came together to make a collaboration of cake ideas based on special memories from our childhood. I have such an array of memories there was no way I could pinpoint 1 particular one! So I decided to take something that I had as a child, what most of us probably had as a child and our family definitely do as children – their birth toys. Given to them the day they were born, or as close as. The larger Bunny and Doggie are my niece and nephews and I had to prize them away from them long enough to let me photograph and model them! The smaller, blanky effect Bunnee is my sons and his isn’t as old as the other two but is very much worn out! I wanted to coincide this collaboration release date with my niece and nephews birthday, which is today, 10th October. I loved how these toys turned out as I haven’t modelled to this level with RKT or modelling chocolate and still a novice with my airbrush! Once I finished, I even shed a tear as the three of them made me smile and think of good times with them! No-one is going to eat these ones!!!!

-- Nic, Tiers of Indulgence

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Love it x



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Lovely :)

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Just brilliant, love it x

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So cute fantastic collab x

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So adorable and great collaboration xx

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So adorable and love the collab x

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Fantastic well done! x

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cute x


Very sweet!

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So cute

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Adorable!!! Soooo cute!!!! :-) x


very cute

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Childhood Memories - Birth Toys