Party Crashers

Party Crashers
Party Crashers Party Crashers Party Crashers Party Crashers

I won a real trophy! Yay! First prize! Awesome! It may seem like a small fair in a small country as the Netherlands but I’m over the moon, how far I’ve come since I made my first cake 2,5 years ago :)
The “Taart en Trends” competition had a new category this year; impossible construction (aka gravity defying) Cakes and that just what I love most!
My first big competition entry and I went home with two first place trophies, one for the gravity defying and one for cake toppers.
Obviously this is the first one ;)

The theme was Beach Party around the world and Wow that’s a hard theme! I chose something that WILL crash any party on beaches here in the Netherlands: seagulls!

Added some details as a booz bottle with my own design label, bikini top and my own design flyer from a beach party that says; beach party, featuring bands and acts like “the party crashers”, “seagulls” and “Bird Attack” ;)

Fun facts: the category rules stated at least 60% had to be cake, frame needed to be foodsafe, only edible mediums allowed. Rice krispie treats were allowed for smaller pieces but I didn’t use that. It’s all edible except for the frame. The bottle and birds bodies are cake, covered in modelingchocolate. Seagulls are painted and shadows airbrushed. Bottle has a thin layer of fondant on top to make airbrushing easier.
The frame is food safe stainless steel.
Bikini top is modelingchocolate, painted and dusted.

I did win a cake competition before, once, but to win this is awesome, it’s currently the biggest competition in the Netherlands so I’m proud! Just look at my face, guys, I cried! Yes, real tears of pure joy and relief.
Prize? 2 day masterclass with Dorothy Klerck <3

Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3


yessss it is so awesome i seen it in rel life and i was flabbergasted i even took a picture hehehe

Thank you <3

Jac thank you for the gazillion pictures :D x so happy

Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3

Love the whole picture!! You’re awesome!! Xoxo

Cake my day...

Thanks Petra :))

Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3

Fabulous cake! Congrats on the well deserved win!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Wow!! Incredible cake – congratulations!!

Znique Creations at

Thank you 😘

Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3