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I wasn’t sure that I am going to make a cake for my husband birthday, but my kids keep nagging
at me to make one, so here it is I made this based on his favorite cartoon tv (till now he still watch it!!) haha…

This is my first time I tried modelling chocolate. apparently it tend to be soft, I tried to mixed with some fondant and tylose as well :) but still didn’t goes as hard as fondant + tylose.
I haven’t found the right consistency but it seems really great to blend it / to hide seams better than fondant. the thing is I have no idea how to store this, I put them in the fridge when I finished decorating. when I took them out, the MC tend to keep sticking like melted chocolate but not melted. does anyone know how to store them once you finish decorating it?
also I tried the painted standing cake board the thing that I saw on pinterest last time :)
still far from perfect but I think I learned a lot from this :D


one piece one piece cake one piece chopper one piece ship monkey d luffy chopper hand painted handpainting fondant


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Really cute…love your figures and the boat is so sweet…

Kasserina Cakes

Great cake. I’m no expert, but I have made a lot of figures in the past couple of years, as well as rainbows, numbers, dogs, cats, cars… The great thing about the modelling choc is that it holds it’s shape really well right from the off (I hate the way that fondant slumps) but also, it doesn’t crack or alligator skin and it’s so much easier to blend seams. The down side is that if it gets overworked it can start to look oily and gets sticky if it gets too warm in your hands, it is chocolate after all, leave it aside to cool and you can work on it later. I tend to mix half flowerpaste and half squires kitchen cocoform modelling choc. I just store these things in a dark cool place. The choc never dries 100% hard but I’ve never found that a problem as it’s easily hard enough, especially once it’s mixed with flowerpaste as then it does dry very hard. I don’t put it in the fridge as the condensation can damage and soften the pieces when you take it out, but maybe that depends on where you live.

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Great cake!



Despoina Karasavvidou

Very cool!!


Thank you so much everyone, @Kasserina I will try to make another batch of MC. Thank you so much for your information, I keep hearing that MC really great mixed with fondant. so if you mixed it with fondant + tylose is it supposedly to be hardened ?

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One piece anime ~ manga