MODERN DECOR Inspired Wedding Cake for Cake Masters Magazine

MODERN DECOR Inspired Wedding Cake for Cake Masters Magazine
MODERN DECOR Inspired Wedding Cake for Cake Masters Magazine

Super excited to be able to finally share one of the projects I worked on recently – this one, for the August issue of Cake Masters magazine!

I very rarely get the opportunity to create wedding cakes since all my friends are married, so it’s mostly birthday cake requests for me! So when I was invited to contribute a tutorial for the coveted Wedding Cakes edition of Cake Masters, I jumped at the chance. Luckily, they wanted some non-traditional design ideas which was right up my alley!

So this is my Modern Decor Inspired Wedding Cake design, incorporating features that are popular in modern architectural and home decor trends. The colours were based on a combination I had wanted to try for a while so what better time to test them out then when I have free reign (haha)?

Whenever I go out of the box and try a new idea or colour combo on cake, I never know how it will be received and I am always so very doubtful on whether the finished product will match my vision or even if others will see it like I do. So it feels a bit daunting to put it out there but I hope you all like it!!

This is a surprisingly simple design which lends to the minimalist modern vibe I wanted to convey. The tutorial from start to finish is shown in 54 simple steps, including the two new styles of wafer paper flowers inspired by paper craft techniques.

This one is very dear to my heart being my first ever full length magazine tutorial and feature ☺

Special thanks to Laura and Rosie of Cake Masters for the incredible opportunity. To get your copy of this issue, visit their FB page or

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ -


Have got the mag and thought the tutorial was brilliant, especially like the way you show how to make the “shapes”, fab.

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Absolutely stunning, V! The unusual colour combination makes it so unique! Love this!

Gulnaz Mitchell, New Zealand,

Violet its absolutely stunning!!! Gorgeous colours and design and I will definitely be ordering a copy!! Big congratulations!!!! :-) xx

woooooooow, what a wonderful cake!!!!!!!!

Ponona Cakes, Santander, Spain -

I love it! The colors, textures, flowers, everything!!!

All my cakes are made to make you and me smile!

It’s absolutely stunning Violet, I love the colour combination and especially the white wavy design on the purple x

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

wonderful cake and wonderful tutorial in Cake Masters, thank you so much x

ellie's elegant cakery

your style is unique. I love how you craft your cakes, so bold, clean, modern meanwhile appealing!

Think cake, think pink!