Revcahill... Me, Myself & I

Revcahill... Me, Myself & I
Revcahill... Me, Myself & I Revcahill... Me, Myself & I

My interpretation of a Classic Faye Cahill’s cake design done for the Me, Myself and I collaboration.

I squealed with excitement when I found out who my inspiration for this project would be, none other than the world renown Faye Cahill. And then I cried a little, asking myself, “How will I pull this off”? Faye is know around the globe for her clean lines, soft colors and sophisticated cakes. I on the other hand am know for the my whimsical, colorful and sometimes off kilter cakes. With the design inspiration I was given I choose to play off of the light and airy feeling and tone of the cake and instead go with a bright and colorful design while still incorporating Faye’s well know techniques. Metallic leafing. piping, color washing, and flower making were all represented in this piece. I was lucky enough to have purchase Faye Cahill’s “Layered Embellishments” on before I was asked to be involve with this project. (I feel like I cheated a bit) but armed with my knowledge gained from her course, I took on this challenge with a colorful and whimsical approach!

The top tier includes my signature Swiss Dot motif. The second tier, done in multiple colors of fondant represents Faye’s stripes but in the typical loud Reva colorfulness. The third tier was done to represent Mrs Cahill’s soft pearl styling and piping, and the bottom tier incorporates the silver & gold leafing that she has brought to all corners of the world.
I actually incorporated her leafing technique and her metallic painting technique by combining the two on this bottom tier.