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Sweet Baby Cake

I designed this cake for a friend who is expecting a little girl. It was fun being given artistic freedom to do what I’d like. I created the bottom tier using a 6 petal flower cutter and then adding a little bit of tylose powder to stiffen them up a bit. I thought of this technique after days of trying to figure out the perfect pattern for this tier. I had seen many ruffle tutorials but nothing that stuck out to me. Then one night it came to me. I saw the display cake in my dining room which had circles cut out and placed all over the bottom and I thought, " What if I used a flower cutter in place of the circle cutter? Would this make it more girly?" And as you see it did!!! It was the perfect addition to help make this cake that much better:)

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CakeHeaven by Marlene

Very pretty!

Elli Warren

Beautiful and so pretty!! Have just added your lovely cake to the stripes theme blog :-) x


Looks fantastic!


so lovely

Tastebuds Cakery

Thank you all. And thanks Elli!!!

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Sweet Baby Cake