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Chocolate Candy Forest

Welcome to Candyland – A world of our dreams where rivers are made of chocolates, gardens filled with lollipops, tingly sherbet waterfalls and gumdrops grow on trees. Just what we dreamt of as kids !
Presenting to you, India’s Cake Artist Network’s(ICAN’s) 2nd edition of cake collaboration, “LOST IN CANDYLAND”, with 13 awesomely talented cake artists across India.
So start indulging in each and every sweet creation we present here, and for a moment, lets enter the kingdom of Candies, sweets and goodies!
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ICAN – India’s Cake Artist Network, organised a cake collaboration themed “Lost In Candyland”. I was honored and so excited to be chosen to participate, along with 12 other fabulous cake artists from across the country.

For this cake collaboration, themed “Lost in Candyland”, my cake was visualised as a tangential take-off on a candy forest, and uses elements which connect to that. At the base of the cake is colorful dark chocolate “bark”, studded with edible candy, with dark Chocolate trees above bearing candy “fruit”. And deep within the centre, temptingly luscious, is candy in a pair of sparkle encrusted lips.

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Michal Bulla

very nice cake ;)



June ("Clarky's Cakes")


Abha Kohli

thank you Michal, MsGF and June! :-)

Seema Tyagi

Awesome!!! Love the chocolate work Abha

Abha Kohli

Thank you Seema Tyagi :-)

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Chocolate Candy Forest