"CARLI" Doll Topper for My Daughter's 3rd BIRTHDAY!

"CARLI" Doll Topper for My Daughter's 3rd BIRTHDAY!
"CARLI" Doll Topper for My Daughter's 3rd BIRTHDAY!

My daughter turned 3 this past Sunday and this is her cake =D

I was so undecided for SO long on the design, going back and forth between several different ideas and didn’t finally settle on this one until probably the day I baked which was early Friday morning! She’s into Lalaloopsy, Sofia, Doc McStuffins and Minnie’s Bow-tique amongst MANY other shows so it was hard to decide on just ONE theme.

In the end, (because I just don’t got what it takes to do mashup cakes!) I decided to go with something more generic and play with a colour scheme I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. So I made this adorable “Carli” topper, the star of the cake. I had actually designed this lil girl figure for my daughter’s cake last year but because I had four Mickey friends figures to make, I ran out of time and scrapped the idea. I still have the unfinished topper sitting in my “cake room”. It was great that I was able to finally use that design idea this year instead.

What was meant to be a SIMPLE cake design to match, proved not to be the case. This cake took me more than double the time it should have because of a TON of problems that came up. I won’t bore you all with the details but one major issue is that she began to sink into her shoes hours after I put her onto the platform I’d made for her. Her shoes and the platform I guess just weren’t dry enough even though I had let them set for over 12 hours. Maybe I rushed it too much. A host of other problems later, which I managed to cover up, and this is the result…and although I’m happy with it and think it’s cute, I still have a bad taste in my mouth from having gone through the ordeal lol. Do you notice I couldn’t even cover the board? ’Cause I cut it THAT close! Guests were arriving and I was still working on bits of it…


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OMG I am so glad I am not the only one having nightmare days like this!! I had a nightmare with the painted birds cake and I noticed I hadn’t finished it off with ribbon!! lol ;) I too was rushing but you know in the end we always manage to pull it off and I know your girl was probably over the moon with this cake!
I think it looks fab and until you mentioned not covering the board I hadn’t noticed!
The modelling is fab and so are the colours and all the decorations, relax….you’ve made a super cake!

Simply Alpa

Haha thanks Alpa! Yes, I barely got the ribbon on! And there are a few cakes that have kicked my butt…it happens to all of us =D

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Another gorgeous piece and I agree with Alpa I would not have noticed the board either!

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One very important piece of advice I was given was don’t ever mention what’s gone wrong, just think about how to cover it up and adapt the design and no one will ever notice! :)

Simply Alpa

Yes…wonder why the flower on the top tier is in such an unusual spot? I am ok with admitting when stuff goes wrong…I think it helps others feel better when it happens to them ’cause it really does happen to us all =D

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It’s gorgeous Violet! Carli is adorable :-)

Kelly's Kitchen

My goodness…it is such a lovely cake …if u hadnt written about what you went through I wouldnt have known …its a beautiful design


Awesome cake Violet!

Janice Barnes @Jan's Sugarland of Cakes