Huge Chinook helicopter cake

Huge Chinook helicopter cake
Huge Chinook helicopter cake
Huge Chinook helicopter cake
Huge Chinook helicopter cake
Huge Chinook helicopter cake

I don’t know what it is about cakes I do for the military but I just love doing them. I guess my heart is deeply involved being the wife of a 20 year veteran that I know what sacrifices these brave men and women and their families make that makes me want to give them my all when I can.

This one was for a young man graduating from West Point and heading of to flight school. His mum was so wonderful to work with and gave me absolute free reign on every detail. I wanted it to look as real as possible so it is all to exact scale. Cake ended up being just over 26" long and 12" tall with blades radius of 30". Yes to say the least this cake was a beast but worth every minute of detail.

It took 6 sheet cakes total, blades were a great find at Lowes but came in a huge piece of siding like material that I then cut down with my scroll saw. I used Dresden tool blower bits which I then hot glued my blades onto then topped with fondant. I then put dowels into the cake with the Dresden tool bit sitting over the dowel which then allowed the blades to also turn. If I had of had a bigger budget I would have had them on motors,lol.

Tampa, Florida


Wowwww is a giant cake!! 🙈🙈🙈


Outstanding work!

Janice Barnes @Jan's Sugarland of Cakes

Blows me away every time I Iook at it!!! It’s so perfect!!! Love all that attention to detail!!
He must have been over the moon, as well as his mum!!!
Pinned to Sculpted Cakes xxx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

This is absolutely awesome, perfect and brilliant realism Shags amazing creation

Kath's Cakes

Omg..what an amazing job you did! !

Amanda Bowman

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!

Tampa, Florida

Absolutely incredible 😘

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