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Black, White and Orange Damask

A four tier 40th Birthday cake for a girl whose favourite colour is orange. The roses are real and the numbers stuck in the top are sparklers. I had fun with the flavours in this cake – Mimosa and peach melba along them.

Click here for my stenciling tutorial.

Click here for my pleating (top tier) tutorial.

-- Lots of tutorials at: www.facebook.com/theroyalbakery

damask stenciling pleating orange french dots black and white



This is a stunning cake. Love your tutorials on FB, thanks for sharing.

Lesley Wright

Thank you! It was only the fifth tiered cake I’d ever done! It was totally terrifying. :-)

Ann-Marie Youngblood

The Colors of this cake just draw me in! I can’t wait to try this pleating! Stunning work!

Lesley Wright

Thanks, Ann-Marie! The pleating is easier than it looks! I was given a totally free-reign on this cake – all I was told was that the Birthday girl’s favourite colour was orange. I just wish I’d been able to make real roses. I did try and was hopeless!


This is one of the prettiest cakes I’ve EVER seen!

Lesley Wright

Thank you, KittyCakes! It was fun to be able to try the stenciling and french dots for the first time and to have it work out OK…


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake! When I was scouring the internet, it was the first one of yours that I came across, and I’m so glad I did!!


So pretty. Love the colors.

Komel Crowley

This is gorgeous!


Beautiful!! The colors are amazing!

Lesley Wright

Thank you for such lovely comments!


I absolutely love the color orange, and this is such an elegant way to showcase it!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Stániny dorty

It is amazing!

Mrs Millie's

Gorgeous!! x

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Black, White and Orange Damask