Ollie the Octophant

Ollie the Octophant
Ollie the Octophant Ollie the Octophant

Ollie is a 2-1/2 foot cake structure that is made of modelling chocolate and hand sculpted and painted.

Ollie is my contribution to the amazing collaboration, “sugar myths and fantasies”

54 artists came together from around the world and worked together over 9 months to inpire, create and push us all to the next level.

Jonesin' for Cake


The Texture!!!! Love this!

Amanda Fayne Polley

I love this!!!!! He´s amazing!!!!! WOWOW!


Thank you! Thank you!!!! 😀😀😀

Jonesin' for Cake

Ollie is just fabulous! What a fantastic concept! And your detailing is just out-of-this-world!!!

Peace, love & cake!

Erin,,,, once again, just blown away with your amazing sculpture!!! Incredible detailing as well… Such talent
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You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

He is out of this world amazing!!! So much detail and texture it’s incredible! Well done!!!