HMNZS Achilles - Anzac day 100 years on

This piece is my contribution to the Anzac day 100 years on – a sweet tribute collaboration

Anzac day has always been a day of celebration in my household. It was my G’pop’s birthday which gave us extra reason to head to the Ex-Navalmen’s club.
Both my G’pop and his brother, my Great Uncle Roy served in the Navy during WW2, another brother, Colin served in the Army and unfortunately did not come home.
My G’pop served on the HMNZS Achilles, and my piece is based loosely on that.
I enjoyed a very close relationship with G’pop and would love to sit and talk with him and his mates over a rum or two, this project is dedicated to him.
My husband and I also served in the RNZN, and I think this brought my G’pop and I a lot closer, I know he was very proud of me.
Each Anzac day I attend the service at the Ex-Navalmen’s club if I am home, and this year I will again go along and ‘splice the mainbrace’ in memory of G’pop
The ship measures 90 cm from bow to stern
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HMNZS Achilles - Anzac day 100 years on