Remembering Our Anzacs

Remembering Our Anzacs
Remembering Our Anzacs Remembering Our Anzacs

I was honoured to be part of a collaboration of international cake makers and artists to commemorate the centenary of the Gallipoli landing on April 25th 2015.
For my cake I wanted to pay tribute to the women of WW1 and in particular the nurses.
I hand painted the nurse onto gum paste and the design is inspired by Nursing Posters from WW1. The flowers I have used are the traditional poppies with touches of Australian Flora in honour of all Australian’s who fought.
I am the proud Great Grand-daughter of a Gallipoli ANZAC. My great grandfather, whom I never got to know personally, has been kept alive in my memory through stories, letters and photographs. I admire his bravery and his determination for equality even at a time when he was simply a number in a regiment. My Great Grandfather was injured numerous times; by bullets, bombs and diseases. Each time he was admitted to an Army hospital for care and recuperation. From his letters it’s clear that these are the times he got to write home. Here in the care of the medical staff he was looked after and restored back to health. Without this care I would not be here today. These staff and in particular nurses, are often forgotten about in wartime. They are the ones who help to restore their patient’s health in the hopes that these men will return to their families. I wanted to represent this bravery and determination that they possessed; the same qualities my Great Grandfather embodied, through my cake design. I am proud to be an Australian and I am so honoured that I am able to pay tribute not only to my Great Grandfather, but also to all who served.