So Flo competition entry- Bird House cake

So Flo competition entry- Bird House cake
So Flo competition entry- Bird House cake So Flo competition entry- Bird House cake So Flo competition entry- Bird House cake So Flo competition entry- Bird House cake

Well here it is folks my entry for this years So Flo ( South Florida) cake and candy expo in Miami. Unfortunately I did not even place but I am just so very happy with my piece and having taken the step to do my first competition. I never went in expecting to win or even place so that was not a big deal. The show it self was good but the competition definitely had some major issues which I will be addressing a lot of things in some blogs here coming up so would love lots of feedback when I do.
Bottom tier I ended up making my own mold and doing a few small tricks so as it looked real, I am super happy with it and I used cake crumbs and dusts for the moss. Pink tier I had not seen the hearts done before until I was putting the gazette together and came across one like it but mine was already done at that point so I guess great minds think alike. I had been very interested in cocoa butter painting and had bought a box about a year ago with these lovely birds on it so used my box for the inspiration to do my very first ever painting.

Tiled tier is from a mold I created 2 years ago and was going to use it as a seperator tier but I had seen it done on another cake a while back and loved it so much I decided to use it in the same way. Then my bird house was a back and forth between birds or birdhouse but due to time running out I went with the bird house. I originally had another tier in between the birdhouse and tile tier but had to exclude it due to Height restrictions of the competition.

I hope you guys like it , big hugs , Shags

Tampa, Florida


Beautiful! What a great design :)

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Sharon, I am SO proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and entering… This gorgeous design shows so many aspects of clever techniques… Your painting is GORGEOUS … LOve those birds… The colour follow through is perfect… You should be very chuffed with this… Comp work and judging can be complicated but one thing is for sure… You are an artist with a LOT of talent!!!!
That bark and moss left me speechless… It’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️

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I think is beautiful! I especially like the tiled tier, and the painting is fab xx

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I just LOVE this cake. I am sorry you didn’t place but it is still a gorgeous piece!