M&Ms gravity cake

M&Ms gravity cake

M&Ms gravity cake made for my youngest son’s birthday. First time I’ve made one of these and it was easier than I thought, however getting the M&Ms to stick to the dowel column was a bit of a nightmare. I used chocolate as the “glue”. Not sure if this was the right choice or not but we got there in the end.


Fabulous Michelle! I’ve been wanting to have a go at something like this too!


Thanks Jacqueline and Judy.

Judy – make one. They are a lot easier than I thought. All I used (contrary to whatever you may find on the internet/you tube) was a long wooden dowel, pushed through the cake. Some sites tell you to use balloon sticks. I bought some but they seem very light-weight, so I opted for the dowel. They are certainly sturdy enough. The only “problem” was sticking the M&Ms on the dowel. I used chocolate, as it tends to give a firmer set than icing. However, until the chocolate has set the M&Ms tend to fall off the dowel and more often than not leave a chocolate mark on the cake (which is why there are random scattered M&Ms – to hide all the dabs of choc). If you start sticking them on at the bottom, let them set and then stick another row above. Time consuming but easy. I’m doing another 2 Easter ones – using the same principle and mini eggs. Good luck – post a pic when you’ve made one xx