Wedding Hidden Scene - Epic Geek

Wedding Hidden Scene - Epic Geek
Wedding Hidden Scene - Epic Geek Wedding Hidden Scene - Epic Geek Wedding Hidden Scene - Epic Geek

First and foremost let me start by saying I should really be waiting to post photos till I have the professional pics in….therefore you would be able to see the TRUE colors of the cake. BUT I just couldn’t wait to show this off!!!!

The front of the Wedding cake: purple ombred w/white roses and a purple lily

The Hidden scene included:
Bride – holding Thor’s hammer & Captain America’s shield
Groom – holding a green light saber & Wolverine’s claws

Storm troopers
Tardis w/light
Predator vs. Alien

Cake was a 14/12/10/8/6 – all cake :)

To date this is one of the detail oriented cake I have ever done – and NEVER thought I would finish. Needless to say the Bride & Groomed loved it & I am now totally addicted to HIDDEN SCENE CAKES – What fun!!

Special thank you to:
~ Vicky w/ The Yellow Bee Cake Company – for design inspiration
~ My mom & daily kitchen partner – Kosmic Grandma
~ Lizzo at Artisan Cake Company – for her AWESOME tardis tutorial (although mine was not nearly as detailed)
~ Michelle Boyd w/ The Food Artist Group – for the fabulous pep talk!
~ Julie Freund, ooh & Apollo – For her totally awesome space tutorial….I was so brain dead that I would have never in a million light years thought of using a toothbrush to paint with….simply genius my friend!
~ Heather Nicole w/A Sweet Fix – Every time I feel I’ve gotten way out of my league, beyond my realm of skills or just a total midnight meltdown….she is always there!

I could not have been blessed w/more amazing friends – Love my cake village!

Kristy, Texas -


This is an amazing cake! You always knock everything youbdo out of the park. I love you lady!

Heather Nicole

Great design!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Heather – Love you girl!

Zoe – Jennie – Callicious, thank you all so much. It means the world to me!

Kristy, Texas -

Awesome! It looks fantastic!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Goreti – Your such a doll! Thank you!!!!

Kristy, Texas -