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The green wedding cake

Will I ever get asked to make a green wedding cake featuring a yellow house, 2 cats (one with only 3 legs), pumpkins, strawberries and grapes again? Possibly not, but it was great fun to do!

A totally unique and personal cake for this couple. There were 2 styles that the bride was interested in when I first met her, one monochrome and minimal and the other a slightly novelty style. Within a short period of time we’d designed this!

So, the bride and groom on top, their baby daughter and beloved cats (Sid & Cooper), the produce they grown in their garden at the bottom and a yellow house with a red door, just like they live in an based on a favourite picture they have. The board is trimmed with Buchanan ribbon, the groom’s tartan. The path leading up the cake symbolises their journey together.

-- Nicola,

petal dust painting smoothers scalpel paint brushes pumpkins grapes strawberries cat bride and groom baby house green tartan novelty wedding cake



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The green wedding cake