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Frozen cake

So uhm.. are you tired of Frozen yet? No? Goooood! me neither!
This was my third time Olaf, but first time Elsa and Anna, I was very scared about these two, because they are so specific and I have seen so many beauties in the cake world, mine would probably suck!
They are not too bad, don’t you think? Kinda look like them and they don’t look like men in dresses so thats a plus haha
Okay.. to be honest.. I am kinda proud of these two. and I do NOT say that often. Just the way they sat in my kitchen waiting for the cake, it was hard to say goodbye :(
I made them out of modeling chocolate, giving me more time to get the details just right and able me to smooth out any imperfections.
The dress of Elsa is made from rice paper (the spring roll kind) and almost transparent. Anna’s clothes are just fondant. Olaf is made of fondant/tylose, his arms and hair are modeling chocolate.

The rice paper techniques I learned from ChokoLate, so if you want to know more, go get one of her tutorials :)

-- Love making 3D realistic looking cakes <3

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Wow! Beautiful modelling!

Dora Th.

Very beautiful!!

Flappergasted Cakes

Thank you!! x

Julia Hardy

Gasp!!! They are so gorgeous and you captured their sweet/mischievous expressions perfectly! I would not have wanted to part with them either! :-) x

Becca's Edible Art

Fantastic modeling work!


great modeling ,love it



Flappergasted Cakes

Thanks everyone xxx




wow, you really captured her facial expression, best I’ve seen!

Mooistetaart4u - Amanda Schreuder

Zóóó mooi…!

Tracy's Treats

best elsa ive seen amazing xx

Flappergasted Cakes

Oh thank you so much!!! X

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

Wow beautiful

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Frozen cake