Rose & Basket Weave Cakes - Mini Cakes

Rose & Basket Weave Cakes - Mini Cakes

Wilton has these 4 inch cake pans…and making these little cakes – puts a smile on my friends :)

So, here are two cakes…and I really like the basket weave (for the small cakes – I use Wilton tip # 47) and I use the smooth side of the tip…it appeals to me more.

I went crazy with the leaves – Wilton tip # 352. I do have to admit…I accidentally brushed one side of the cake with my hand (remember the cakes are small) so that is why I put the Rose there…to hide my indent.

Cinnamon cake & chocolate/almond cake – both with a ginger ganache.

They don’t make cake boards that small…so I bought Wilton rectangle cake boards…cut them down and put foil on them. I use the Cake Pop boxes to put these cakes in…


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Great buttercream work! Have you thought about covering your boards in fondant and putting a ribbon around to match the colour scheme of your cakes? X