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Blush & pale grey wedding cake

With old style roses and embroidery style patterns and pearls. This was my first crack at the David Austin esque roses :D

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wedding cake 5 tiers sugar flowers roses david austin rose grey pink


Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Wow, this is beautiful.

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Wow!!! This is such a stunning cake! You left me speechless!



Kate Plumcake

Wow, I love it!

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

its gorgeous cake



Happyhills Cakes

Oh that’s really kind of you to comment, I was wondering if it might be a bit subtle. Thanks very much for looking :)


Hello new here this is amazing I have had an op so cant make cakes anymore but will like looking at peoples cakes glad i found the site

Happyhills Cakes

Hi Cakemad, it’s a brilliant site, you will love it :)


Thanks think it is hope people dont mind if I post cakes but just look at other peoples cakes and comment on them?


How often do people post cakes on here?

Happyhills Cakes

hi Cakemad – I think everyone is different, my cakes ebb and flow a bit :D It’s no problem not to be posting yourself, it’s just a really nice community for people who are really into cake design. You will be most welcome! Sorry to hear that you’re unable to make your own at the moment


Ok thanks very much its amazing

Pink Ann's Cakes

It’s so beautiful and those roses are fabulous!

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

I love this colour combination, so very classy and elegant.

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Blush & pale grey wedding cake