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jungle cake

Hi guys!
No christmas for me as I was busy working on my jungle cake! Really loved making the animals! Also the ribbons represents the colours of Ethiopia and the name of the birthday boy is also in Ethiopian.
Hope you guys like it too!

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Oh kim this came out so great!

Cake Decor in Cairns

Oh wow! Kim!! Love xoxo

Becca's Edible Art

Kim!! I didn’t even know you were on here!!! Love this cake so much!! You outdid yourself :) Following you now. xoxoox <3

EzTopperz by Jessica

This is too adorable Kim! Love it!

Sonal Soni

Lovely cake Kim! xo

favourite cakes

Thank you soo much! Means the world to me!



The Custom Cakery

I love the mix of 2d and 3d animals, very cute!

favourite cakes

Thank you!

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jungle cake