Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

This was made for my sons 5th birthday, inspired by the MANY toy story cakes out there! and also the Toy Story 3 story line


Wow that is awesome! I especially like the dog!!!

It's Sugar Coated

thanks mimiejai! I liked making slinky, though getting the wire springy part to stay in his butt was another task all together :) LOL

are you kidding me! this cake is out of the world! i love love love it!!!, follow us on facebook @

Thanks Baking sheet! I woulnt be very popular if i didnt make my kids special cakes for their birthdays LOL Hes already planning his 6th birthday cake!

Thanks Frosted! :) xx

Oh man I love this cake so much! Are the charaters toys or are made from fondant?