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Black Widow Spider Wedding Cake

‘Incy wincey spider climbed up the water spout but when she got to the top she couldn’t see anything because all the other spiders up there were so tall. Frustrated at being so short, she managed to get hold of some arachnoid growth hormone. Impatient for results she took the entire vile and when she woke up the next morning she was a big as the branch she had gone to sleep on.
Incy was no longer tiny and was a whopping metre long, a far cry from the 1.5 inches she had been’

This black widow spider was the request of Layla and Robert who were married yesterday 31st October. Layla has always been a big zombie fan and organaised Zombie walks on an annual basis so when she contacted me I just knew I was going to be able to create something fun for their Wedding.
Incy is a Black Widow spider and is approximately 7kg of Chocolate Peppermint cake with a red peppermint ganache filling. She is covered in @Chocit and is fully raised off the board by her legs. She was a structural feat with a lot of help from Mr Cake Tin, and is probably the most challenging sculpted structured cake I have made to date.

It’s been a while since I posted a cake in Cakes Décor but I thought what better cake to return with Spidey so here she is.

-- Sarah, New Zealand,!/TheCakeTin

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Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Wow! So awesome! I love it! :) ❤

The Cake Tin

Thanks so much Pauline xx

Gulnaz Mitchell

OMG! Sarah, you are such a talent! I would loooove to see the cake size, it sounds massive!!!

Sweet Little Treat

So incredible!!!!!! You are amaaaazing!!!! X

The Cake Tin

Thank you so much Gulnaz and Karin xxx


incredible, brilliant work, Sarah!

Allways Julez


The Cake Tin

Thank you so much Luna and Julez x

The Custom Cakery

Genius! Love it Sarah!

The Cake Tin

Melanie, you are a darling, thank you xx

Make Pretty Cakes

Love! !!!

Calli Creations

Sarah!!!!!! Wow…. Oh wow, you are such an amazing artist… Pinned to Cake Artists that Inspire Me at 👏👏


Oooh wow Sarah this is so amazing!
Missed you here on Cd :-)


My god such a challenging design but you pulled it off, it’s brilliant!

Starry Delights

Wowwww Sarah! It is incredible 😍❤️

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Black Widow Spider Wedding Cake