Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

Allow us to introduce – Chaos, Crimson & Corbin!

Chaos (half pumpkin, half ghost- Rich chocolate truffle cake) & Crimson (blood cat- Riviera’s fruit cake)….Corbin (evil raven/crow- Riviera’s fruit cake) to follow soon!

Each cake was hand sculpted & each one is all edible, apart from the cats whiskers which are made out of florist wire.

Myself & my daughters had a fabulous time creating these

Participating in anything for halloween always reminds I/we of my late grandmother whom was such a talented creator of all kinds!
Her influence on myself, my dearest brother Darren Paul Harper & the rest of our family in particular, was to embrace halloween & any family gathering/celebration…and that I/we do Grandma X
In turn I intend to pass my Grandma’s precious traditions down by generation to my three creative & beautiful daughters & so on Thank you Grandma for an uncountable amount of treasurable memories…I think you’d like this cake X

Cheryl Harper Wilson


how fantastic and what a wonderful tribute to your grandmother also. This is fabulous!! Have pinned to Halloween

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wonderful tribute… and to do this with your daughter too…. she is clearly a talented artist like yourself… its amazing ART!!! well done! <3

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Thank you Fifi’s cakes, bless you <3

And thank you so much Calli. My daughter is a natural …she has taught me a thing or two ;) <3

Thank you lovely ladies <3

Cheryl Harper Wilson