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Silver Leaf & Embroidery Wedding Cake

about 3 months ago I did attend a Master Class with Faye Cahill who I admire already for a long while. absolutely gorgeous lady! Than I let a friend who has a photo studio take professional pictures. 1st picture is from my friend. 2nd picture I took myself. which one do you like more???

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silver leaf wedding cake embroidery luster painted rose anemone




Calli Creations

Such a beautiful and unusual design

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Lovely…like the 2nd pic, excluding the background….


That is so elegant. I like the second picture just because the first one washes out the cake with the white background. I think if it had a different background color it would be a better photo.


Very elegant & beautiful !

Bistra Dean

This is a beautiful, beautiful cake !!!

Elli Warren

So beautiful!! Gorgeous!! :-) x

Olivia's Bakery

thanks ladies!!!! means a lot to me all your words!

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Silver Leaf & Embroidery Wedding Cake