Xbox 360 and accessories

Just goes to show what you can get out of a 12" square cake – xbox, bottle of jagermeister and a controller. Everything on this cake is edible.

I have to admit I was a bit of a dufuss with this cake and am certainly showing my age…I thought the control came with a plug in lead. Good job I checked lots of pictures! Doh!

A great cake for an 18 year old boy and not too stressful, which is always a bonus.

-- Samantha's Cake Design

xbox jagermeistet birthday keys


Julia Hardy

Haha – everything is remote control these days – get with the programme Sam!! ;-D
Fantastic use of 12" cake and a superb board too! :-) x

Storyteller Cakes

great cakes well done :) x

Elli Warren

Fantastic!! Brilliant detail!! :-) x

Time for Tiffin

looks great x

Cake A Chance On Belinda

Cool details, fab cake x

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Xbox 360 and accessories