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Lego Cake

My 2nd time making this cake! My client found a photo of the original cake I made on Pinterest (not realizing it was my cake) and asked if I could make something similar lol! I was more than happy to recreate it for her. I originally planned to make a mold of some Legos to make things go faster this time but I felt like the only way to get them nice and sharp like actual Legos was to cut them by hand so that’s what I did. It was well worth the extra time. The larger Legos on top are rice crispies covered in fondant. I included a photo of the original cake I made two years ago (the last photo) for comparison. If nothing else, the fact that I no longer use foil covered cake boards and fuzzy blanket back drops has helped the overall appearance of my cakes lol:) Thanks for looking!

-- Dakota's Custom Confections

lego birthday legos construction


BellaCakes & Confections

Excellent job Dakota! I love the addition of the original cake!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

It looks awesome! Yes it does make a difference having a finished cake board and nice backdrop.

Elli Warren

So cute!! Brilliant!! :-) x


Lovely cake!

Dakota's Custom Confections

Thanks so much ladies:)

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Lego Cake