Bass Cake

Bass Cake

8" vanilla cake with buttercream icing and topped with a fondant bass and cattails, RKT log (covered in fondant), and super amazing “water splash”!

It’s the first time I ever tried any sugar work—this was just hard crack stage poured over ice. SUPER COOL! I’m still amazed at how neat it looks! :)


awesome work, looks real..

Tracy Buttermore

awesome, loving the theme. How did you make the water like stuff?


nice job

art deco cakes by gali

Thank you for the sweet comments!
To make the water stuff, I used an old hard candy recipe:

Equal parts sugar and Light Corn Syrup in a heavy saucepan
Heat to hard crack stage—around 305 degrees

^^That was the recipe—I then poured the sugar mix over a bowl full of ice, waited just a little bit and gently dumped the contents out—some ice was “stuck” in the sugar, so I just ran some cool water over it until it melted enough to get it out. This was the first time I ever did this and it turned out great!
I tried to look up a good tutorial, but most of them used isomalt or mixed royal icing in the sugar mix. The recipe used what I had on hand—-and it turned out super cool!
Thank you again for all the sweet comments!

Magnificient work! love all the realistic details! I have cake envy~ but in a good way! ;)

Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)