Erin Blake




M&M and Malteser Gravity Cake

This cake was made by me for a friends 30th birthday. It was a very rich dark chocolate mud cake with a white chocolate ganache, which took me 7 hours in total to complete. There were many, many packets of m&m’s, maltesers and mini m&m’s, and maybe a few extra cause I knew I’d definitely eat a far few. I was very proud of making this cake as I had never tried the "Gravity Defying’ cake before. Everyone loved it and commented on how amazing and spectacular it looked.


Michal Bulla

I like it, great job!

Cake Decor in Cairns

Great work Erin! Don’t forget to enter it in the awards!

FNQ Cake Share

Fantastic work!

Fifi's Cakes

amazing and sounds scrumptious!! x