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Beer Bottle Barrel cake

One of my most challenging cakes yet. I’ve tried drying fondant over bottles (this takes forever!) I’ve tried Rice Krispie treats covered in ganache and fondant ( always a bit bumpy and too thick once the fondant goes on)
So I thought this time I’d try the sugar bottle. Wohaa this is a challenge. Thanks to the wonderful website MakeBake I got the Marvellous mould in super quick time, but it still took 3 phone calls to get the method right as it doesn’t come with instructions and you have to rely on a web video. Pretty time consuming but SOO worth it! Everything is edible; ice, bottles and barrel, which is fondant.
The client was a Dutch man (hence the orange in the fondant and the cakes) whose nickname is mouse, and he loves Leffe and his Aston Martin.

-- Sarah Jones, De-liciouscakesbySarah

barrel beer cake mouse sugar


Bethann Dubey

Wow beautiful job!!! looks so real! <3

Calli Creations



great job


Well done!


Awesome cake!

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Beer Bottle Barrel cake