Balloon Cake

A friend of mine sent me a picture of the original cake designed by The Cake That Ate Paris. This is my petite version… 8"-6"-4" rounds! The little figures represent the children of the joint birthday party this cake was made for… they are supposed to be wearing Mickey Mouse ears! I’m pretty happy with the results :)


balloons children birthday blue cake


The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery

This is lovely. So cheery and colourful.

Michal Bulla

Great idea with the balloons ;)


I saw this designed by The Cake That Ate Paris, as you mentioned. You did a wonderful job with it! Looks great!

Jess B

Too cute :-) I love it!

Lesley Wright

This is beautifully done. I’m a big fan of the original too!


Love this :) x

I Sugar Coat It!

Happy cake, indeed!!

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Balloon Cake