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Tufted Billow Weave Mother's Day Cake

Each month, I have been having a drawing in my community for a free cake giveaway. This is my May cake. It is a Lemon Sour Cream Pound cake with raspberry and butter cream filling and butter cream on the outside with lemon/butter/vanilla flavored mmf on the outside. I also covered the board with fondant then air brushed it with gold luster sheen. The buttons between each tufted billow were made using gum paste in a mold that I had made using a button. The little place card was an idea that I had gotten from a fellow caker named Shirley Wilson, and these are kind of her trademark. It’s made from gum paste. The flowers are silk. I was going to use real flowers until I realized that they were going to cost more than what the cake was worth, and I really stink at making gum paste flowers. It’s something I just need to sit down and practice doing.

Thank you Michal and Benni!

Not only is it beautiful but I’m sure it tastes awesome. I absolutely love the lemon pound cake especially with raspberry filling.

Me too, Goreti. I think it has to be my all time favorite of go-to cakes. I had never even tried it before until my niece requested it as one of her wedding cake flavors. Once I tried it I was hooked!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cake Linda! Your buttons are beautiful, and I bet they took quite awhile to make. I am in love with the billow weave, and am hoping to try it on my grandson’s baptism cake. Did you use a stamp on the little name card? The writing and flowers are perfect! Your monthly cake giveaway is so nice. I’ll bet everyone looks forward to it!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Very Pretty! I might have to borrow the gumpaste place card idea!

Congrats! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 5/13/2012.
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Toni, that little plaque was not my idea. I got it from Shirley Wilson on Cakes We Bake. Here is how she/I made it: the feet to the stand and the oval are gum paste. Then, we both just pick a font that we like and print it right onto card stock so that it will fit the oval. Cut out the card stock, place it over the gum paste (no one is going to eat the plaque anyway) and then add gum paste pearls to hold the card board onto the oval. Let both pieces dry hard as a brick and then using gum paste glue, glue the feet to the oval. There is also one pice in the back that helps it stand like an easel. The feet were made using a piece of decorative craft wood found in the wood section at Hobby Lobby ($.99) and then I made a mold out of it. Shirley uses these kinds of plaques for a lot of her cakes, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. So, to answer your question about the stamp; no, I typed my favorite font and then printed it on card stock. =O)

Congratulations on being Editor’s Choice, and currently #1!!

-- Toni, Pennsylvania,

Wow! Thank you Toni, for telling me! I’m still so new to this site I am not quite sure how it all works!

This is SO pretty! And I love the billowing on the cake… I have been wanting to try this!

-- Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

Thank you Jennifer. It is one technique that I do love to do. It’s just not that hard, and any flaws on the fondant under it are all covered up! YAY!

Love this Linda so pretty I hope I get an opportunity to try and do one of these tuffed cakes as I think they look amazing…should correct that you make them look amazing.

-- Tampa, Florida