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Lyndi Kate's Dedication Cake

Baby Dedication cake for Lyndi Kate. Strawberry cake with cream cheese buttercream and fondant letters.

-- Stephanie,

pink ruffles cross


Michal Bulla

Very nice!

Stephanie Dill

Thank you!


i was wondering what tip did you use for the swirls on top?

Stephanie Dill

Hi! I just use two closed star tips – one smaller for the center and one larger for the outside.

Stephanie Dill

If you’re talking about scrolling swirls, I used a 2 on the cross and a 5 going around the cake


Absolutely beautiful. Do you use a pattern for the cross? and if you do, do you use a copykake?

Stephanie Dill

I don’t have a copycake. Wish I did!! I used these purple pattern things I bought to make imprints. It came with several different ones in a set and I just played around with a couple and ended up with this! Probably never be able to do it the same again! Lol!!

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Lyndi Kate's  Dedication Cake