Dirty baseball cake

Dirty baseball cake
Dirty baseball cake Dirty baseball cake Dirty baseball cake

A worn out baseball cake made using the Wilton 3D ball pan. Chocolate cake with Swiss meringue buttercream, covered in white chocolate ganache and fondant. I don’t have an airbrush yet so I had to dust the baseball with luster dusts to achieve the worn out effect. I started the laces by making the 2 curves lines on the baseball with a Dresden tool. Then I punched holes around the lines so that I could “lace” my red fondant into the baseball. I wanted to make it as realistic as I could, so I needed to trick the eye into thinking the laces were actually coming out of the fondant! It was very time consuming but I loved the effect.



Great cake!!!! Great job!!!!

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Absolutely fantastic

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This is so effective, lustre dust works so well on this.

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