Americana Cake

Americana Cake
Americana Cake

Made for our 4th of July celebration – wafer paper decoupage on the top tier and buttercream linear ruffles on the bottom tier. Fun little patriotic cake for our little family celebration! I always like to try new things on our family cakes – the linear ruffles were so easy and look a lot like extruded fondant – without the hand cramp! ;) Thanks for looking!

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This is so lovely! Love the unique and gorgeous style of this cake!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Fun! Love the wafer patterns! What tip did you use for the buttercream lines?

So pretty!!!!! I love the design!


Wow, very beautiful design! Love it!

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Thank you so much! ! Chima, I think it was a #5 tip, I’ll double check when I get home from swim practice with my kiddos!

I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, I have been set free!

fantastica cake!

Vanilla cake boutique

So fun and different than usual 4th of July cakes

wow, another stunner!!!!!!!!! so love your designs!

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