Frilled Wedding Cake

Frilled Wedding Cake
Frilled Wedding Cake Frilled Wedding Cake Frilled Wedding Cake

This is a cake that I made last year for my Goddaughter’s wedding. The frills took me three days to complete and that was working from early in the morning until after midnight each day. I had originally made salmon colored poppies for the cake, but the petals kept falling apart and so I decided to go with a classic white on white. with just a touch of the salmon color with the poppy buds. She was very happy with the results.



art deco cakes by gali

Beautiful cake!!!! What size cake are they? Is it 10, 8 and 6?

Thank you gemmascakes and Gail. This cake was a 3 layer each 12" 10" and 6". Top tier was Italian Cream. second tier was white almond sour cream, and the bottom tier was lemon sour cream pound. Grooms cakes were chocolate.

I’ve just done a 9, 7, 5 and 3" ruffle cake and my ruffling finger swelled to twice its size! I can’t imagine how yours is doing! Lovely job.

Lots of tutorials at:

Thank you RoyalBakery and SweetBuds! I had forgotten just how bad my hands felt until you just mentioned it. In fact, my right index finger must have gotten some nerve damage because it has hardly any feeling left in it. I was on a roll there for awhile making frilled cakes. lol

linda this is amazing work , i know it took some time to do this awesome job

art deco cakes by gali

It did, Gail. The technique isn’t hard to do, just very time consuming and painful on the old index finger! I used MMF and by the time I was done, I think I figured that I had had to make about 6 different batches to complete it.