Ruffles and Sharpish Edges

So who does not have ganache envy!? I certainly do but unfortunately I live in a hot humid country where ganche will not set. So I am determined to get sharp corners with fondant and a butter cream under coat and I am almost there!
The key is a stiff butter cream and to think crimp. Yes just crimp the edges with two fondant smoothers and they get really sharp. The fondant does have to be thin. I am going to try it again and if it looks good I will do a butter cream/ fondant how to tutorial.
Pom pom is an adaptation of the one shown in the Sophie Bifield tutorial.

-- Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

birthday pink gold white cake red velvet


Reni Hendra


The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery

This is really pretty. So bright and colourful.


Than you both!

Sam M

Great job. I agree. It is so hard to master those sharp edges without ganache. I love your pom poms.


Thank you Golden Ticket Cakery

Rachel Skvaril

LOVE IT! I have such a love of ruffly cakes! :)


Love it!!

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Ruffles and Sharpish Edges