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LEGO 8th Birthday Cake

This was a very tricky cake to make and took hours. But for it to work well i knew I had to get it just right. I have made lego men cake pops to match which i uploaded previously.

-- The Faith Hope and Charity Bakery

birthday fathers day retirement



that is fab! well done you xxx

The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery

Thanks, it really was a killer to decorate. making all the brick the right size.


oh wow!!! this is toooo cool!!! I can imagine how long it took, but worth every hour!!



Wow! This puts my Lego cake to shame. Great job!

The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery

Thank you so much, it’s very kind of you to say that :)


This is a great cake!!!

Pam - Kingman Cake Company

WOW! Excellent job! I did a Lego cake ……. once …….. I will tell you that cake is not posted anywhere! LOL This cake, this cake is awesome! I truly believe that this cake took a long time to make. I’m not worthy! :)

Sugar Tales

Great job! It looks so simple but clearly it would be very time consuming and challenging! Well done!

The Faith, Hope and Charity Bakery

Thanks everyone. I’m really happy to have this response. My son loved it as did his friends. Worth all the hard work!


Absolutely awesome!

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LEGO 8th Birthday Cake