Thank you cake

Thank you cake

That is small thank you cake with gum paste peony, cake is chocolate with dark chocolate filling


Thank you very much Michal! I made first communion cake for lady who is my client for last 3 years, so I just wanted to say thank you to her.

So Pretty! Is that sugar veil going around the cake?

Nancy Ferguson

Thank you very much Nancy! Yes it is sugar veil, I still trying to learn it.

Still trying to learn it? Ha! I think you’ve learned it! Gorgeous!

Thank you very much AdventuresInCaking!

Thank you very much Peggy! I would like to make a net and go away from Sugar veil mat , I do not like to depend on one product only.

this is gorgeous, i love it, i dont think you need to learn it because you already master it..just gorgeous!

love it ,

art deco cakes by gali