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my first wedding cake

My first wedding cake!! 6/5/4 inch lemon madeira cakes filled with lemon curd and lemon imbc. Lace was made with a mold I made from a piece of lace applique using silicone plastique…set on 7 and 8" drums….cakes are covered in choc ganache and sugarpasted with pale pink sugarpaste. Lace is dusted with bridal satin powders…


Very pretty, especially for your first wedding cake.

-- tlee, Florida,

I would show you photos of my first wedding cake, but I’m too embarrassed. Some times I’m tempted to mail the bride & groom a refund check, even though their wedding was 2 years ago :) This is gorgeous, great job!!

-- thea jo,,

oh i’m so glad you wrote this Thea!!! I ended up reducing the price on this one cos was so unhappy with it!!! You’d seriously think I’d never iced a cake before!! Tell me it gets easier!!!! Sx