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Classic Winnie the Pooh shower cake

Classic Winnie the Pooh baby shower cake. Everything is edible with the exception of the ribbon, handle on the umbrella and the 2 bees and butterfly. Cake is covered in fondant with fondant figures, umbrella and honey pots. Bees were hand painted with a mixture of yellow coloring and vodka and then detailed with edible black marker.

Cake was inspired by Layer of Love Blog
I also added little edible rain drops to the umbrella with a fantastic tutorial by by


Cake itself was vanilla with cookies and cream filling on bottom layer and vanilla cake with Framboise buttercream filling on top layer :)


Sarah that is one of your best!!! I love it.

Ahh thank you! Peggy you have no idea how happy you commenting made me, you are one of my cake idols :)


Love Winnie! So cute

This cake is absolutely amazing!! I love it. Just adorable. There are even raindrops on the umbrella :)

Thank you so much everyone, your comments mean so much to me. Especially since you are all so much more talented than me and I look up you all ;)