Princess Tiarra

This was inspired by a classic design of Peggy Does Cake. My cousi wanted a very girly, very pink cake for a friend on her 18th Birthday. She said think of Barbie and princesses and you can’t go wrong. I instantly thought of Peggy’s fantastic cake. I asked Peggy if she minded and in her words she said @don’t be stupid Gary, of course you can, no need to ask’. I decided to add a few of my own ideas though as I do not like to blatently copy. So instead of rolled roses i opted for petal roses and I played with the colours of the ties as well. My cousin was very happy and even better I got the thumbs up from Peggy too. Thanks Peggy x

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Peggy Does Cake

OMG @ don’t be stupid hahahaha. I’m horrible and evil. But, that’s the first big belly laugh of my day! (And it’s 3:00 in the afternoon, so thanks, I need that!!!)

Great job on the cake, too! xxxx


ah Cheers Pet. It’s taken ages for me to post this as I’ve not posted for a while. I’ve got loads to post but it’s 21.10 here and i’m starting to get square eyes. This was the cake i did in January, i felt that I needed your approval before setting task as I knew it’s your baby. Lesley told me it was your favorite at the time!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

I love it! It really is girly and beautiful.


you did an excellent job with this cake!

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Princess Tiarra