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Betsey Johnson Purse - Hand Painted!! All Completely Edible!!!

This was a Betsey Johnson Purse that I was asked to replicate by hand, this is all hand painted and is fully edible. This purse when on top of the cupcake tier as you can see, but it was a gorgeous piece!!!!! Thank you for looking!!!! XOXOXO

Thanks so much!!!! XO

Thank you so much!!!! So proud to be in the daily top three!!!!! What an honor!!!!! <3 Thank you!

I’m in awe! Excellent job!!

-- Joy from Joyful Cakes

beautiful. How did you hand print it. Its gorgeous.

-- Love to bake, keep smiling :)

Thats fantastic! Clever lady :) x

-- Louise, Herts, England

Thank you all!!!!!!! This was a tough one!!! I used plain old black dye that was concentrated a big light and went to work on hand painting it. Its now listed in the handbags section here on!!!!!! XOXOXOXO