Vintage buttons ribbon rose's

Vintage buttons ribbon rose's
Vintage buttons ribbon rose's

this is my first attempt at doing this kind of cake I love the random placeing of all the buttons and ribbon rose’s


Beautiful cake. I love the color combination. Did you use the Cricut cut hearts to form the awesome flowers? Very clever!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Such a gorgeous cake! Truly beautiful.

Joy from Joyful Cakes

Yes, absolutely beautiful! Elegant meets whimsical! Its perfect! Oh I could just go on, and on, and on…… You get it….. I love it! I am curious about how you created those flowers as well.

Pam - Kingman, AB -

Beautifully executed and unique :)

Jenny @ Sweet Cheeks Bakery, Springhill NS CANADA -

Wow thankyou for all your kind comments the cutter that I used is from Orchard Products and is the Lacy heart cutters you get 3 cutters in the set I perchased mine from Design-A.Cake Online. Im new to this site so it will take a little time to get used to but I will be checking out all your work thankyou again Lainey….