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Muttsy Baby Shower Cake

Here is the cake I made for the baby shower today. The topper is modeled from the new mommy’s favorite childhood stuffed dog Muttsy. He is hand modeled of gumpaste and chocolate fondant. The pacifier, baby blocks and ribbon roses are all a 50/50 blend. The cake is vanilla with chocolate bavarian filling.

-- Benni -

baby shower muttsy dog pacifier baby blocks ribbon roses pastels green pink yellow white


Bliss Pastry

This might be my favorite of all your cakes. it’s just perfection!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Awe, you are too sweet! Thank you Kristen!

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

Love this sweet little cake!!

Josie Borlongan


Lesley Wright

Oh, so sweet!

Komel Crowley

So cute!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Thank you ladies!

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Muttsy Baby Shower Cake