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Volcano & dinosaur birthday cake

The brief for this cake was very simply a volcano with dinosaurs and I was a tad nervous about it as I find boy cakes quite tricky but it turned out to be great fun to make :)

Inspiration taken from Andrea’s Sweetcakes.

Dinosaurs are fondant with CMC.

-- | North East England

birthday volcano dinosaur lava


Michal Bulla

So adorable ;)

Isabelle Bambridge

Thanks Michal :)

Lesley Wright

Love everything you do, Isabelle, and this is no exception. It’s utterly perfect in every way and PLEASE do us a tutorial on your dinosaurs!

Isabelle Bambridge

Thank you Lesley! I promise I will do a tutorial at some point but it means making them all over again in order to take photos! LOL :)


Love those little guys, your work is just perfect in every way

Isabelle Bambridge

Ahhhh… thanks Yahaira :)



Michal Bulla

Congrats! Your cake has been chosen as an Editor’s Choice for 4/14/2012.
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Tiffany Palmer

Love this! Great job.


Looks good!

Peggy Does Cake

Congrats on Daily Top 3!

Komel Crowley

Great work!

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Volcano & dinosaur birthday cake