Lavender Baby Belly Cake

Baby Shower Baby Belly Cake. French Vanilla cake with vanilla custard filling covered in fondant.

-- Kristi @ Sugar Baby Cake Company - Sweeten your world one cake at a time!

baby shower lavender cake vanilla flowers fondant baby belly


Michal Bulla

I like it!

Chantal O'Brien

This is the prettiest of these kind of cakes that I have seen to date. Well done :-)


I love how pretty this cake is! I always hate to see cakes like this with a lot of skin and a foot stick out of the belly! :) Would you mind sharing what cake pans you used to make the “body”? Do you construct the body first and then add it to the sheet cake?


Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

@ Michelle…for the belly I used half of the Wilton Sports Ball cake pan and for the “ta-ta’s” I used the Wilton mini wonder mold cake pan. I make and cover the half sheet cake with fondant and then put on the body and ta-ta’s and cover them with fondant and decorate.

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Lavender Baby Belly Cake