Pink Swirl Cake

This is a cake made for my mums birthday. Inspired by Rouvelee’s cakes. Bottom tier is toffee cake and the top tier is coffee cake. Enjoy :)

-- | Perth, Scotland


Lesley Wright

Gorgeous! I see the inspiration, but this is definitely your own version. And anything pink gets my vote…

Ann-Marie Youngblood

MY New FAv!!! I am totally stalking your cakes! Love them all!!! Gorgeous right down to the smallest detail! Bravo!

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Love the swirls on the bottom layer!!!

Kim Hood

Beautiful Cake!!


Thanks guys – this was a real labour of love, those swirls are out of control lol I kept extruding fondant, rolling up about 4 swirls, applying them and thinking ‘really, only four swirls’ and the gazing at the rest of the blank space and wondering why on earth I chose to do this. However I’m please with the result, but getting there was a nightmare!


Great job! I can imagine the nightmare that must have been as far as time goes. I have def been there with some of my cakes.


Very lovely, can’t stop looking at this! The eye gravitates to it!

Rachel Skvaril

This is gorgeous!


Absolutely in love with the swirls. A true labor of love!


I like it! Love the color.

Sharon Lane

this cake is beautiful i love the swirls!


OMG, your hand must have been killing you from squeezing out all that fondant! But the end result is awesome!!!

Komel Crowley

Love the swirls!!


Thanks guys :) I just realised there was a whole bunch of comments here! oops, my bad!


@KarolynAndrea – I got my fiancee to do all the extruding!!! lol

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Pink Swirl Cake