7 Tier Lily & Rose Wedding Cake

7 Tier Lily & Rose Wedding Cake
7 Tier Lily & Rose Wedding Cake

I made this cake last year for a wedding at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. It was 7 tiers high and the wedding was for 500 people. Extra portions were made up from cutting cake. The cake was covered with ivory sugar paste and covered with stargazer lilies, large bloom and small roses and stephanotis. In the middle of the cake was the couple’s emblem, lifted from their invitations.


OMG Sada that is stunning you must have been totally done in after all that?! <3

This has got to be my fave cake of yours Sada, you are an amazing cake artist xxx


Can’t even get my head around the skill it takes to create a cake of this size! Amazing work!

What an impressive cake! Absolutely gorgeous!!

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