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Jacket Potato Cake

“…A real sweet potato…” – My Jacket Potato Cake!!
I finally had a use for piping gel this week!!
Hope you all like it!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides -

Omg I’m soo hungry now!!

-- cakealicious77

Aha Thank you so much!! :D

-- Laura Loukaides -

I love jacket potato, beans and cheese but a jacket potato, beans and cheese cake, what could be better! Fantastic Laura! x

-- Kathryn, Northern Ireland,

Laura, your cakes are always amazing and this one is no exception!!! Love it!! Faved!!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Oh my God!! Me begin Irish I so loooooove this! Fantastic! Bring me back to my Irish roots! Ha! Ha! Superb!

-- Trish, Cork, Ireland

Very nice!

-- Anka

Thank you Kathryn!! Xx
Thank you Marlene!! Xx
Thank you Patricia!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides -

Thank you Luna!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides -

Love it! :-)

-- Scrummy Mummy's Cakes, Almondsbury,

Brilliant Laura!

-- Christine

Thank you so much!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides -

Very realistic and it does makes me hungry ;)


The beans look so real as does the shredded cheese … yum!!
I don’t think my suggestion for the fountain is hard for you , you can do anything :-)

-- Dina @ miettes,